New Beginnings by Sarah Lou Cawdron

Sit back and enjoy this beautiful poem by Sarah. This poem captures the joy and excitement of starting fresh and taking on new adventures. As you read through these words, be inspired to explore and embrace the possibilities life holds for you. Feel the wonder and power of creating something new and different, bravely facing the unknown with an open heart and an eager mind. Let this poem remind you to keep reaching for your dreams, no matter what obstacles you may face. Together, let us traverse the path of beginnings, adventure and new experiences! ❤️
It’s hard letting go but the time had come
There’s a new life out there to be lived
Places shows and people to meet and explore 
It’s time to forget that you existed in my life 

How you decided to treat me 
has made a huge difference 
I’ve leant now not to put so much effort in 
And get nothing back in return 
Thought that you actually wanted me but hey I was wrong 

Love trust and respect I got none 
was lovely in the beginning 
but turned when things started to fade 
Made to feel that I was always the one in the wrong all the time 

Now is the time for me to move on and forget about you 
There’s plenty of people that would 
love the chance to be with me 
Now my guards go back up 
and I have to learn to trust again 

But I will it’s not going to get me down 
I’m a stronger person now 
I know I what I can be and who I can trust 
There is a prince out there for me 

©️Sarah Lou Cawdron 2023