Message from a Parkrun Fan, Sean DickinsonšŸ˜Š

Running can be really hard for some, it takes lots of hard work, especially in hot weather!! Here, we have Sean to tell us what it was like on the weekend šŸ˜Š

I ran Parkrun today, a Saturday morning ritual I have followed, pandemics permitting, since we moved to Felixstowe four years ago. It sets up the weekend perfectly for me.

I'm not the fastest or the slowest but I do my best alongside between 150-250 like minded people at 9 o'clock as we line up on the Promenade next to the Leisure Centre. We are ready to chalk up 5 kilometres on a back and forth route that stretches to the Martello tower, then all the way back to Fludyers before returning to the Leisure Centre.

Some of us will be aiming to be the first one home, some of us will be trying for a personal best whilst to others just getting to the finish line will be the greatest achievement. Despite the differences in aims and times what we all have in common is a love of Parkrun and an appreciation for this free timed event and the volunteers that make it happen.

Today was too hot for my liking and probably everyone else but that's to be expected in the midst of a heatwave. In a few months the heat will be a distant memory as the cold, wind and rain batter us mercilessly as we struggle to feel our fingers. 

It's always a really supportive event with the amazing volunteers cheering on the runners and the runners thanking the volunteers for all they do in turn. Some of the faster runners will also offer encouragement to those not yet finished. It's a wonderfully inclusive occasion. 

I finished in what I consider a decent time today. Quicker than usual despite the heat so after I had caught my breath at the end I'm sure I had a smile on my face. I even managed to purchase a watermelon from the Little Yellow Hut on the seafront that had a wide selection of fresh fruit for sale once I was done. It was primarily purchased with my daughter in mind but I sampled it and it was delicious.

But getting back to the Parkrun, if you are contemplating giving it a go I would say do it. I was incredibly nervous when I first lined up all those years ago but now after 110+ Parkruns, it's second nature. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and I am sure you will think the same when you feel the buzz of crossing the finish line for the first time.

So I hope to see you there at the next one!