Aerial Photography by Luke Macaulay

Written on 03/07/2022

Hi Folks,
So for those that don’t know me my name is Luke. For a few years now I have been taking aerial photographs and videos of various places around Suffolk. As a lad I always recognised that the places around here hold true beauty and scenery. It wasn’t until later in life that I brought myself a drone and my partner who had been editing videos taught me the basics of video editing.
My first really successful video that came from my YouTube channel was that of the Victor Barge that regularly sails down the River Orwell, which was featured by Radio Felixstowe and now friend Rob Dunger, I realised “Hey! I’m actually good at this!” Lots of videos later I was back in Felixstowe to film the ship Evergreen Ever Ace with footage featured by the BBC. By this time I had created my own aerial photography and videography business L air M  and since doing so, lots and lots of commercial jobs including property, private events, news related videos, weddings and commercials. I’m still dumbfounded how well things are going.
But my real passion still lays with my YouTube channel,  doing stuff around Suffolk, and also my Instagram and Facebook business. It helped me progress for sure and now incorporate lots of ground photography and video in with the aerial shots to give a better edit in the end. Recently I’ve been meeting with a few people to combine our efforts resulting in winning The Felixstowe Magazine‘s Photo of the Year 2022, but it wouldn’t have been possible without a couple of mates; Stewart Finley  and top bloke Steven Bailey  who I meet up with to do some drone bits all the time.  
Meeting with people from different backgrounds in photography and video has been a big part of what I’m about - supporting each other and helping us all learn. For instance, I have been amazed at the amount of local young people picking up a camera and expressing themselves. Suffolk is a perfect backdrop for amateurs to learn the trade.
Make sure to head over to my YouTube channel: Luke Macaulay and SUBSCRIBE. It’s constantly evolving and lots of content coming up. It really is my absolute pleasure to show Suffolk in all its glory.
Equally, if you’re in the need of or interested in aerial photography/video, get in touch via my Facebook business page, L air M or email.