Level Two Youth Project!

Written on 03/09/2022

If you’re local to Felixstowe, you may well have heard of Level Two Youth Project. If not, hopefully you will get to know a bit more about what this amazing charity has to offer in our community by reading what the lovely Elsa has to say...
My name’s Elsa and I’m a youth worker for Level Two. We are the primary provider of youth services in Felixstowe and offer a range of services to support young people in their personal and social development. This includes 1-1 mentoring, counselling, 3 youth club sessions every week and group work in the local primary schools.
Our work in schools helps to give young people that extra support they may need to develop their confidence and social skills. We explore various themes in these sessions and just this week I was in a local primary school talking about diversity. We explored the various ways in which we are all different and what it means to respect those differences. It was also a great opportunity to encourage the young people to identify what makes them unique. It was positive to see some great drawings of the things that make them individual. These sorts of activities are a brilliant way of helping the young people to develop their self-esteem, which is always a goal for us at Level Two!
If you are a young person in Felixstowe or surrounding areas and are in year 6 or above, why not check out one of our youth club sessions at our hub in the town centre above Tesco. It’s free and you get to have fun, meet some lovely new people and make use of the various games and activities we have to offer. We even have an art room!
If you feel you would benefit from individual support and someone to talk to on a 1-1 basis, then maybe mentoring or counselling may help you to feel listened to. Our referral form for this is on our website.
If you’d like to know more about what we offer, send us a message on our Instagram , Facebook or email .
Wishing you all well,