Setting a Reading Goal

Ever wanted to enjoy a good reading challenge! 

GoodReads is a great app for readers. It allows you to create lists of books you have read, want to read, and share the progress of your current read. 

You can follow your favourite authors and discover their other books, and author bio. You can leave reviews and get recommendations. 

I also really enjoy setting myself an annual reading goal. 

When setting a reading goal consider the follow: 
When can you read - how much time will you have? 
How big are the books you wish to read - how long will they take. Audio books count too. 
Any barriers you might have like an important event in the year, or other commitments. 

Reading should be fun. So don’t make the challenge too high that it puts pressure on you to read and takes away the joy. 

How to read more for less:
As we start 2023 some people will be setting new year resolutions. With costs rising, more people will be considering how to be savvy with their money. 

Here are my suggestions on how you can read for less or even at no cost at all!

Gifted Books:
Hopefully you got some new books for Christmas or a book token so you can treat yourself. Being gifted a book is one way to read for free. 

Swapping Books:
Swapping books with friends and family can help you discover new genres and afterwards you can share your thoughts with someone who knows the book you’re talking about. 

Secondhand Books: 
You can buy secondhand books at a discounted price.  You can find these at charity shops or the library when they are having a clear out of old titles. In the centre of town we have Poor Richards Books which even has books no longer available in stores. 

Borrow Books:
If you have a library card you can borrow books for free. You can also visit a Little Free Library which is a library set up by someone in the community for free so anyone can borrow books. Get Suffolk Reading have created free libraries in public spaces and have lots of activities to inspire reading. 

Book Schemes:
There are schemes offering free books, for example Book Trust have packs so no child goes without a book. 

Subscription Service:
Check if you are paying a subscription that enables free books. For example, Amazon Prime includes borrowing books. Kindle Unlimited allows free books from their unlimited library. Look out for sign up welcome deals (but check full terms), like getting a couple of months free at audible 

Discounted Books: 
Bookshops often have deals and sales. The Works in Felixstowe town often have deals on children’s books and series. Shop around to find the best bargain. Checkout eBook deals. Ebooks tend to be cheaper than physical books, and you may be able to find books half price or even free. 

Advance Reader Copy:
Many buyers will check reviews before buying something. This is why Publishers will offer books for free before release to build up reviews. This is called an ARC. You can follow your favourite author and sign up to their news letter to hear about upcoming releases and ARC. You can join review sites like Net Galley. Remember you are agreeing to write an honest review in return for your free book.