“Mental Health Awareness 2024” a Poem by Sarah Lou Cawdron

In twenty twenty-four, a year of change,

A time to focus on mental health range,

Awareness grows, stigma declines,

As we all take a step forward, aligned.


The world is listening, ears so fine,

To the whispers of the mind, divine,

The whisperings of hope, of strength,

Of resilience, and of length.


The shackles of silence, they break,

As we speak out, our voices shake,

The chains of shame, they fall away,

As we embrace our own way.


The light of understanding shines bright,

As we learn to see the light,

Of those who suffer, who struggle and fight,

In the darkness of the night.


The world is changing, it's true,

As we stand together, we break through,

The barriers that once held us back,

And find our way to a brand new track.


So let us celebrate, let us cheer,

For mental health awareness, here,

In twenty twenty-four, we'll find,

A brighter future, intertwined.


©️Sarah Lou Cawdron 2024