"80 Years Ago Since the D Day Landings" a Poem by Sarah Lou Cawdron


Eighty years ago, a day that will never fade,
The world was changed, a new path was made.
The bravest of hearts, the strongest of wills,
Set out to fight, to conquer the hills.

The beaches were red, the seas were rough,
The fate of the world, was at stake enough.
The Allies landed, with a fierce cry,
Their courage and might, would never die.

Their footprints in the sand, a legacy left,
Their sacrifices, a debt we will never forget.
Their bravery and honour, a shining light,
That guided them through the darkest of nights.

The world was torn, but they stood as one,
United in their quest, for freedom won.
Their hearts were pure, their cause was just,
They fought for a dream, of a better fust.

Eighty years have passed, but the memories remain,
Of the heroes who fought, and the lives they gained.
Their legacy lives on, a beacon of hope,
A reminder of the sacrifices they made, to cope.

Let us remember, the lessons they taught,
Of courage, of honour, of love and of thought.
Let us honour them, with hearts full of pride,
For the gift of freedom, they did not divide.


©️Sarah Lou Cawdron 2024