A Sneak Peek - The New Marco Pierre White Restaurant in Felixstowe!

One thing I’ve always loved is when a home-grown local business finds its wings. Muralee Govindasamy has done just that. From the beginnings on Orwell Road, the journey began with the Brook Hotel in 2002, Muralee then went under the wing of the Best Western franchise, and now, having gone independent, his beautiful Hotel Coco has truly taken flight with the almighty Marco Pierre White presence, under its roof! 

I was honoured to have a little peek into the stunning brand-new Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill yesterday, amongst other press representatives, before its official opening today!

And the beautiful rooms offering accessible en-suites, fresh coffee...

And... well, who doesn't love a Biscoff biscuit?

From staff to décor, everything at this venue is so carefully selected, and I think it speaks volumes when such golden staff have been with a company for as long at 20 years! 

From the lovely David and Katy who are the perfect welcome at reception (both from Felixstowe!)...

... to Kelly, front of house, who is the epitome of hospitality, and while not raised here, is definitely an honourary Felixstownian having lived here for over 30 years. Alfie’s bubbly personality put more bubbles in my ginger beer and the wonderful Gelween who’s all the way from the Philippines and been here just over 1 month (do give her a warm welcome readers 😊). 

Not to mention the exceptional service from the entire waitressing team and the incredibly talented chefs.

 The staff really do make the place - and their enthusiasm is evident and infectious! 
Coincidentally, the opening of the new restaurant fits in beautifully with the arrival of a new summer seasonal menu include a range of specials on the main à la carte, which sits alongside the range of classic dishes that the famed chef loves so much… all of which we got to taste. And yes… it’s everything you could expect from such a legendary chef! 

So what was there for us to try...

The simple things! Nothing hits the spot of pre-dining fidgeting than a soft, yummy bit of bread and creamy butter! (Carbs... don't judge me )...

An selection of simple but really delicious starters...

Some wonderful mains catering to all dietary needs...

The food is simply delicious and the integrity of sourcing ingredients is clear. From Caponata of Summer Vegetables and Chilled Tomato Soup Andalucian with Atlantic Prawns to Pan Fried Monkfish Tail and Raffles Tiffin Club Chicken Curry, you won’t be left wanting. And for those with a little room in their tummies, you have classic desserts like Eton Mess, Traditional Summer Pudding and 1879 Cambridge Burnt Cream.

Andrew Vales, general manager  said: “Marco’s ethos is all around using fresh ingredients and simplicity to spotlight the food and flavour and this menu emphasises this.”
“People love to eat out, even if it is just going to somewhere casual and the new summer menu is focused around our belief that good quality food should be an experience that is shared and enjoyed with friends and family, whatever the occasion.”

So there you have it folks. The new Marco Pierre White restaurant is simply YUM! And while you’re there, do have a wonder in the various dining spaces and the newly renovated adjoining Queen’s Head bar!

For more details, have a look here on the website.
Written by Mandeep Birdy