"Raindrops on the Leaves" a Poem by Sarah Lou Cawdron

Raindrops on the leaves, a wondrous sight

Their delicate forms, a symphony of light

Glistening jewels, so fine and bright

Adorning the leaves, with grace and might

Their gentle touch, a soothing balm

Bringing life to the parched earth, and calm

In the rain, the world is born anew

A fresh beginning, for me and you

The raindrops' songs, a chorus of delight

Echoing through the trees, with all their might

A melody of wonder, a symphony of rain

A beautiful refrain, that never fades away

Their beauty is a gift from above

A reminder of nature's endless love

Raindrops on the leaves, a treasure to behold

A precious moment, to be cherished and told.

©️Sarah Lou Cawdron 2024