Brenda Nash: Artist and Printmaker

Written on 23/04/2023

We got in touch with Brenda Nash after seeing some of her fabulous art work, here she is to tell us her story…

I’m passionate about everything drawing and printmaking.  My work is mainly about people and places where they work.  There is usually a message, some of it can be quite political, but some just made for the beauty of it.  I’ve loved working in Felixstowe mainly at 142 Gallery, where I have produced a series of prints of the businesses in the high street, characters that Felixstowe folk may know.  Felixstowe is a town with so much going for it now, and its businesses are its life.  

I am a working class artist and strive to make work for everyone to enjoy.  My images are accessible and affordable.   Printmaking means that several similar copies can be made of an image as well as being original.  Who wouldn’t like a piece of original art in their homes?  

I also feel strongly that having a career in another field should not stop you becoming an artist, in fact it is an advantage to be able to show a view of different aspects of life.  There are so many good courses in college and online, so that we can all do something arty that we enjoy. I teach printmaking in my home to small groups. I previously worked in a career in health and social care, parallel to studying and practicing printmaking, until I finished work at 60. My advice is to go for it if you want but don’t expect it to be easy, becoming a successful artist is one of the hardest paths you can take;  you need to stay with it and have faith in yourself and your work.

I am showing some of my Felixstowe collection at the Felixstowe Museum Cafe, at Languard Fort, at the moment.  My next stay in Felixstowe is the week of 22nd June when I will be finishing a large piece of plaster artwork of my linocuts of the wall outside the 142 gallery, which will be very exciting, as well as working in the gallery.