One Last Hope by Sarah Lou Cawdron

Written on 13/10/2022

Hi everyone - here we have another gorgeous poem by Sarah Lou Cawdron - we just love this local gal's creativity!!

One Last Hope 

Darkness descends 
there is only agony 
there is only illusion 
for as the hour draws near, darkness descends 
scarred, scarred.

Say good night 
One last hope 
there is only illusion 
gone with the wind 
for when the time comes.

a wilted flower on the table, a golden smile 
blood stained, tear stained 
there is only beligerance 
our time has come; the shadow fades.

You once promised me forever 
to forever abolish 
so it will be 
gone with the wind.

Put to rest, in space and time
not but a gift 
not but a smile.

Only a memory.

©️Sarah Lou Cawdron 2022