BOOK REVIEW: A Choice of Essence, by Katelyn Uhrich

We were sent this book review of A Choice of Essence, by Katelyn Uhrich by the one and only, local author, Ally Altridge.

The Land Above is not as beautiful as it appears. Sheltered within the palace nursery for the first seventeen years of her existence, Essie knows nothing of the darkness lurking behind the bright exterior. During a night of playful rule-breaking and exploration, she stumbles upon the truth when a brutal murder unfolds right before her eyes.

Horrified to learn innocent souls are being preyed upon, the young godling seeks to help and protect those in danger. That means defying the gods and goddesses, a venture that could ruin her reputation in the godly court, damage her relationships and even cost her, her life.

Essie has a choice. What does she choose to lose?

I loved this book. I was slow reading it because I started again with my son. Then I started again on my own. But, every time, I started over, I loved it more.

Essie is a godling with gifts of fire and nature. I love how she is described with her leafy hair and how she can shift into a bird.

The gods live in the Land Above and worlds have been created for the spirits. Not all the gods are good and kind, and certainly not towards spirits. Essie has a special bond with spirit Wilf and this has made her loving and protective of them.

Without giving too much away, this little godling will find herself in a position where she has to take on the gods for the spirits, with the threat of a fate worse than death.

Considering the world is entirely fictional, Katelyn brought it to life in vivid colour. The characters were so real, even those that were not human. This book is brilliant and should be checked out by everyone!


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