Ways to Use Your Kitchen for British Science Week

There are so many ways to celebrate British Science Week, we’ve come up with these awesome, child friendly ways you can use your kitchen to celebrate science!

Here are some ideas for science-themed activities that you can do in the kitchen: 

☀️ Make a solar oven: Take advantage of the power of Felixstowe’s micro-climate and make a simple solar oven using an old pizza box. Gather materials such as aluminum foil, cardboard, and plastic wrap to build the oven, and then place food inside to cook with solar energy.

🧪 Conduct a kitchen chemistry experiment: Measure out different amounts of baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring to watch how they interact and create bubbly concoctions with surprising results.

🍦 Make ice cream using liquid nitrogen: Cool and creamy ice cream can be made using a mixture of liquid nitrogen (can be bought from Amazon) and the ingredients of your choice. Mix together the ingredients, pour in some liquid nitrogen, and your homemade ice cream will be ready in minutes! Something to remember for the upcoming summer months on the beach! 

🎂 Bake a cake or cookies that incorporate chemistry: Try out an interesting baking experiment by combining ingredients such as baking soda, baking powder, vinegar, and food coloring to create delicious treats with science. 

❄️ Create ice sculptures: Learn the basics of melting and freezing temperatures and make unique ice sculptures by filling a mold with water, adding food coloring and decorations, and then freezing it.

🧂Learn about the science of food preservation: Preserve your own food with methods such as canning, drying, or freezing. Use recipes that include vinegar or salt to help make your food last longer. 

🍧Make a pudding using the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar: Mix vinegar and baking soda together with some food coloring and watch as it becomes a delicious and bubbly pudding.