A Poem for a Special Day for all the Mums

Someone from our lovely team has written this sweet poem for Mother's Day. We hope this warms your hearts as much as it does ours ❤️

A special day for all the mums,

A day that brings us joy and calm.
For mothers we love, those near and far,
We thank them endlessly with our heart.

But not all of us have mums to share,
These times can be so hard to bear.
For those without a mum to hold,
From Felixstowe, we share a hug of gold.

And while we can't replace what's gone by,
We send our love from miles away and high.
So on this day dedicated to mums,
We offer love for all, for those who have and some. 

Though life has moments that are so tough,
For each and everyone it's not so rough.
Every moment is a chance to learn,
To gather courage and never yearn.

So on this day of special mums,
We hold those with and without in our hearts and palms.
For those who have and those without,
We express our love, there's no need to doubt.

From Felixstowe - a port of grace,
We wish all the mums a wonderful embrace.
On this special day for all the mums,
We thank all for their heartwarming bonds.

From joy and sorrow, tears and bliss,
We take a moment to honor all the mums we miss.
Those with us, and those far away,
We thank them silently and prevent any dismay.

May this special day bring sunshine and joy,
For all those in Felixstowe and beyond, a great ploy.
We embrace those who have mums,
But also those without, who feel the hums.