MegaClean’s Handy Cleaning Tips!

Hi all! You may have seen MegaClean's awesome vouchers in our offers section, we thought how amazing it would be if she wrote some cleaning tips for us to share with you all! Over to you Meg

Hello everyone. 

So firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Meg and I run MegaClean. 

MegaClean is a family run cleaning company, consisting of Andy, my other half and me. We offer a variety of cleaning services and are based within Felixstowe. 

As we offer so many services, from oven cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning to your normal domestic cleaning I thought it would be worthwhile for me to share some simple tips for you all. 

Now living in our area as beautiful as it is, we do suffer from hard water! Due to this we are prone to limescale build up, whether it be on your taps, in your toilet or on your glass shower screens it builds up everywhere! 

My first tip relates to, yes you guessed it limescale. 

Best product for this in domestic homes and one that is always in my cleaning caddy - Viakal. 

How to use Viakal - I buy it in the squirty bottles and I will list below how to use it in various areas. 

Glass shower screens:

Spray the Viakal in horizontal lines from top to bottom of the screen - should have 5 horizontal lines sprayed on. Get yourself a sponge and rub the Viakal in circular motions, covering the whole screen in a layer of it. Walk away and leave it for 5-10 minutes to soak into all the soapy water marks left after a shower on the screen. 

After 5 minutes, simply wash it all away using your sponge scourer to wipe the shower screen of any marks. Rinse the glass again, then use Mr Muscle glass spray (it has to be the one with the orange sprayer and green liquid). 
Spray about 3-4 horizontal lines on the shower screen and wipe with a dry micro fibre cloth to buff to a shine. 

Limescale and brown dirt marks built up within the base of your toilet:

Now depending on the severity of the staining in your toilet depends on the method of cleaning, I’m going with it being the worst case scenario. 

Buy yourself a large bottle of Coke - it has to be real Coke and “full fat”. Before you go to bed at night pour the whole bottle of Coke into the toilet -  do not flush! Leave there overnight without being flushed away. When you wake up in the morning using a strong toilet brush scrub the toilet and then flush away the Coke. If there are still some limescale or brown staining left over, before bed spray Viakal into the toilet about ten sprays and again leave it overnight, scrub the next morning and then flush. 

Limescale buildup on taps:

Spray the areas with built up limescale with Viakal and leave to soak for 10-15 mins and then with an old credit card scrape at the limescale and it should flake off! 

If you have anything that you struggle with when it comes to cleaning in your home - let me know by commenting or getting in touch and I can share some more MegaClean tips with you all. 

Thank you.