Self Love Tips for 2023

We know that January can cause those post-Christmas winter blues, but we have some tips to help try and put a smile on your face ☺️ Try the following as a ONE-WEEK SELF-LOVE CHALLENGE and tell us how you got on:

1. Take care of yourself - it seems like an obvious one but really do eat healthy foods, get enough sleep (7-8 hours), and exercise regularly (get that heartbeat going for even a few minutes a day!) and take some vitamins (it's well-know that todays food doesn't have enough nutrition or vits in it that your body needs).
2. Make time for yourself - do things you enjoy, whether it's having a little pamper, reading a good book, walking, drawing or sky diving... do things that fulfil you.
3. Practice positive affirmations - focus on the things you like about yourself AND OTHERS. Take the time to really notice what you like about yourself and others.
4. Spend time with people who make you feel good - surround yourself with positive people who support you. Take a rain check on those people who make you feel stressed.
5. Take a break from the News - with constant bad news hitting us from so many media sources, take a 1-week break from the News. See how it helps you. If it's been good for you then make it a practice and choose better places to get your global updates.
6. In your journey to fulfil a goal, be willing to make mistakes - remember that everyone makes mistakes and that it’s part of being human.
7. Practice self-compassion - we learn to be kind and compassionate towards others, now try it with yourself, just as you would be with a friend - be your own best friend.
8. Talk to yourself like a friend - use kind words when speaking to yourself and encourage yourself when faced with challenges.
9. Challenge your negative thoughts - challenge your negative thoughts by questioning them, reframing them into positive thoughts, and focusing on the good qualities about yourself.
10. Celebrate your accomplishments - no matter how small they might seem to you: a nicely cleaned room or a dinner well made even.
11. Learn something new - take the time to learn something new - start with something small and simple and build up to something more and more complex. 
12. Take risks - whether it's in a new experience or a previous challenge you've been wanted to best... know that failure can be a step towards a success.
13. Focus on the present - don’t let negative past experiences define how you view yourself today. And that leads to 14 and 15 below...
14. Complete overdue tasks - make a list of all the things you have incomplete and start completing them. You will feel HUGE relief from this one and it will help you move on from the past! 😌
15. Write a letter, email or text to all of the people you feel you've neglected - we've all been there: maybe you weren't there when someone needed you... or maybe you simply want to say hi after a long time. There might be some come-back from this but be prepared and willing to listen. Mostly, your message will be so warmly received... watch how this perks you up as it'll help you lift yourself out of past regrets.

Give these a go for a full week and let us know how you get on xx