Mystery Shopper: SJ Summers Butchers

We’ve talked about local businesses upping their game… so here’s The Felixstowe Magazine’s Mystery Shopper testing out the services, standard, quality and friendliness of random businesses across Felixstowe…

Let’s face it, unless we eat takeaway every night, we’re going to have to face the grocery shopping at least once a month.  Most of us have very busy lives and it’s understandable why we may head to the supermarket. But maybe it’s worth having a look at the Felixstowe area’s independent shops.  

My interest was recently piqued by the short but steady queue that forms out the door of S.J. Summers Butchers in Walton on Saturdays. 

I joined that queue one morning and was greeted as I came through the door by a friendly assistant who advised that the meat is locally sourced, and if I didn’t see what I was looking for, including game, just ask and they could get it in for me.  

I was tempted by the £5 breakfast offer (nothing says ‘I love you’ to my carnivore husband like the occasional fry-up). This easily fed three greedy adults with the addition of a bag of hashbrowns and included meaty sausages; good, thick bacon rashers; a half dozen large, fresh eggs and a tin of generic tomatoes or beans. 

I would have been quite satisfied with the deal without the addition of the beans. I can’t promise to give up the convenience of the supermarket, but I will definitely be returning to S.J. Summers for good value for my money, excellent customer service and really feeling part of the neighbourhood!

Written by your Mystery Shopper 

Photo courtesy of Visit Felixstowe