A Young Photographer Inspired by Felixstowe

Sophie is a young aspiring photographer based in Ipswich and makes regular trips withher family to Felixstowe. We did a wee interview with Sophie to tell us what inspires herand how things are progressing inher photography journey...

How long have you been doing photography for now and what inspired you to start?

I have been doing photography for 4 years now and it's something I want to do as a future career. I got into photography when a friend of mine was doing it and she asked me to go on a photoshoot with her and it all started from there. I get my inspiration from Pinterest. It offers a wide range of different photos that people have posted there and I also look at Instagram posts for inspiration too.

What types of photos do you like to take and what camera do you use?

I love nature, landscape, portraits and abstract. I really enjoy coming to Felixstowe as there’s so many things to take photos of... the seafront is a place I love to take photos. I haven't done urban photography before but I would love to try it at some point in the future. I have been using an iPhone to take all my photos and I use my phone to edit the pictures I take. I use Lightroom mobile and VSCO for these edits which is simple and fun. Since lockdown I borrowed a Canon camera which has been an interesting step up.

You’ve got quite a following on Instagram now... tell us about that and what the future holds for you.

My account on Instagram during these past few months grew so fast and I wasn't expecting it all. Before lockdown I was in the hundreds in my following and now I have over 3000! I think it's not about the followers but my main purpose of my account is to inspire other people to do the things they want to but don't know where to start.

Last year I decided to have a rebrand and launch my own website, which has helped me so much with connecting with people online. During 2020 I wanted to start something new with my account, so I decided to do monthly IGTV videos where I post photography related videos on Instagram.

I’m really happy that with what I’ve done over lockdown and more recently, and I’m even more happy that I’ve inspired others to start a photography account or to pursue whatever they want to achieve. At the end of the day, that’s my purpose.

I would like to say thank you to The Felixstowe Magazine for asking me to write this article. I’m really pleased to be part of what they do :)

Instagram: sopshinfocus