Ukraine Aid by Felixstowe's Jason Sadler

Written on 03/01/2022

I am aiming to do as much as I can to support our friends and families in Ukraine and the neighboring countries by offering support

After seeing what is going on In Ukraine I feel very strongly that I need to do something to help support our friends and families there on all of the bordering countries taking in refugees or actually into the Ukraine mainland.

Even if its just a few hundred pounds to supply bottled water, blankets dried food rations and MRE's, bandages, baby formula, or even small amounts of funds to support the families who have taken in refugees who I know personally who have!! 

The list is endless for the basics of this humanitarian crisis brought upon them for no reason at all, 

Please give all of you can just a few pounds makes all the difference to people in need at this awful time

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my appeal

Jay x

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