Cursed NFT’s and Cuban Heels by Local Actor Charlie Rich

You might remember the lovely Felixstowe actor, Charlie Rich who we also featured in our 2022 edition of The Felixstowe Magazine (p.12-15). Here he is with a little update for you.

My goal for 2022 as an actor, was to further build on last year’s success (first feature film performance and lead role performance). The way to do this, was to get in front of the camera for my next feature film as quickly as possible. So this is how it’s been going…

Back at the start of the year, I had sent an audition tape off during a cold and wet January morning for a project simply titled ‘NFT’ (a working title). A unique and highly topical project chock full of potential… it’s a horror feature film with a narrative based around cursed NFTs. I had to be involved in this!

Getting a good audition in the bag, I sent the tape off expecting to hear back within 2 weeks. 2 weeks came, and 2 weeks went. I thought to myself, “I felt like I nailed it… though it was for the lead role, competition is tough, but that’s the name of the game.” Accepting that it was a swing and a miss this time, I looked toward other exciting potential projects.

Then in early Feb when I was mooching about Covent Garden, taking in the gorgeous flowers and questionable magnetic key rings, I got a phone call from the film’s director, Jonas Odenheimer (director of hugely popular horror, Classroom 6).

Full of excitement and enthusiasm he told me they liked the audition, though I just wasn’t right for the part. “Damn, that’s nice of you!” I thought. Here is the director letting me know the result - what a nice guy. So often in the industry you just never hear back, despite promises from casting directors and best intentions. Before I could thank Jonas for the phone call, he continued speaking… “Yeah, I actually think you would be a better fit for another character, Mark, the boyfriend of Najarra Townsend.” Najarra is the film’s headline actor, who has had a wonderful career both stateside and here.

“Are you kidding me!?” I thought. What a result! My first feature film audition this year and it’s got me involved in this exciting project. Not only that, but I will be playing opposite/learning from/working with an actor like Najarra (whose credits include Cold Feet, Tru Loved, and Contracted). What an opportunity! My smile went all the way into the stratosphere, and I was beaming all the way home - think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vibes when he finds the Golden Ticket. “Run Charlie! Run home as fast as you can!”

Without giving too much away about the films narrative, Najarra and I open the film. Najarra is an astounding actor. This is the beauty of this profession, I got to watch, right up close, a super talented performer do her thing and learn all I could from her incredible professionalism. How she would teeter right on the edge of a highly intense emotional pitch, and hold it until the cameras rolled. I felt very lucky to be where I was.

We shot it near the gorgeous Holland Park in the dead of night. The backdrop was wonderfully fitting. Dim old fashioned street lights lit the way on a secluded path. There was a spiked winding  black fence on the parks perimeter. My character’s cuban heels echoing down the pathway as they clashed against the concrete. Jonas and Michael (the films cinematographer) did a great job spotting the location. It was made all the more creepy when Jonas would sporadically appear clutching one of his horrifying monstrous creations (from the productions SFX department) like a new born baby. Bringing some of the films evils to life was something I could see Jonas loved getting involved with, and the result was truly terrifying!

I absorbed so much working on this production. It feels great to have burst off the blocks in ’22, and it means I can now focus on getting an agent, and look forward to the Morris Men premiere, which will have me walking the red carpet at Leicester Square end of October. We have all heard of NFTS - a new digital artform of unique images that can be bought and sold online. Taking this highly topical subject matter and dragging it into a world of demons and blood is a very exciting idea. I can’t wait to see the finished result.

Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you updated on my progress.