Telling My 13 Year Old Self by Sarah Lou Cawdron

Sarah has written a beautiful poem, a message to her younger self ❤️

Telling my 13 year old self 
That she would be where she is now 
I wouldn’t have believed it now looking back at the memories we have made over the years 

The people we have seen and met 
Shared the stage with
How lucky and grateful I feel 
To meet and see you all 
My life feels so complete 

Listen to parents and teachers 
will try to give you the best advice 
Get out and make things happen. 
You have to make your own opportunities. 
Just be yourself and follow your passions. Don't worry or panic life isn’t perfect 

You're braver than you believe, 
stronger than you seem, 
and smarter than you think
The best and most beautiful 
things in the world 
cannot be seen or even touched 
they must be felt with the 

©️Sarah Lou Cawdron 2023