A Self-Taught Artist, Shaun Hinton

We got in touch with local artist Shaun Hinton. Shaun has lived in Felixstowe since the 80s, and as we know, Felixstowe is fantastic for art. Here he is to tell us more about his work…

I was born in West Bromwich in 1965 and I moved to Felixstowe in 1981. Even though I had a passion for art as a youngster I was more interested in having fun going out and playing football. When I received the big D in art at 16, I never bothered with art again until I was 54. I will be 58 this year. I am self-taught unless you count Youtube. I am lucky that my wife supports me and encourages me to pursue art which I now find addictive.

As a paperboy I always read all the comics (Marvel being my favourite) that definitely comes through in my work. I like urban and local scenes and I’m keen to record whatever I can for prosperity. I wouldn’t know how to describe my art other than “quirky” and I do like to add a little fun and imagination. I will take on any subject but I’m not much of a flower man as my wife will testify. This year I aim to showcase my work at art and crafts shows around the county. My work will be on the Anything Suffolk website soon.

I’m a proud member of the Felixstowe Art Group and would encourage anyone to come and join us. See you soon.