'Suffolk Sci-Fi 2' - 142 Art Gallery


11th - 17th May

Open daily 10am - 4pm

(early closing Wed 1pm)

Suffolk landscapes and landmarks

with an element of Sci-Fi

A lot of my work is monochromatic ink work, using fineliners and airbrushing to create hopefully photorealistic images. I use techniques such as hatching, cross hatching, pointillism, random lines and one that I like to think I created myself, skimming. A lot of my work is of Suffolk landscapes and landmarks with an element of Sci-Fi, but I have also done a few commissions which means I have a varied repertoire that includes a Thames barge, a Spitfire, a mansion and a beach amongst others. 

: From a young age I received a lot of encouragement for my drawings, so much so that at Orwell High School in Felixstowe I decided to pursue a career as a Science Fiction illustrator. I left Orwell High to embark on a General Art and Design course at Suffolk College but found that the course wasn’t really suitable in helping me to improve at what I wanted to do. Instead, I was being pushed towards being an abstract artist which wasn’t for me. My confidence drained, and with it so did my enthusiasm for drawing. Along with the fact there was no real alternative course to join, I opted to give up art and changed career. This was 33 years ago, and 6 years ago I decided to give it another go and found that I still enjoyed drawing. Nowadays I’m looking to promote my work with a view to selling prints, originals, t-shirts, Christmas cards etc.

Facebook: Nigel Shaw Art
Instagram: nigel.shaw.art