The Beautiful Highlands by Sarah Lou Cawdron

Sarah Lou Cawdron has sent us another one of her poems, we love how creative the people in Felixstowe are! ☺️

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The beautiful highlands 

Gently walking along this beautiful view 
Standing grazing at all nature’s beauty 
Gentle ripples of the water just float by 
The sun shines in between the rolling hills 

Everything just seems to drift away 
No more troubles feeling so calm 
Relaxing sound of the water 
Stunning views that takes you miles away 

How you hold me tight and say 
Everything is going to be ok 
Now I’m here nothings going to hurt you 
How we look out at the view 

The sun slowly setting we walked along 
And got back to our little hotel 
Looking out if the window there was this beautiful site 
The moonlight reflecting on the water 

©️Sarah Lou Cawdron 2023